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biblestudy: Childrearing (Part 2)

The Elements of Governing
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Nov-87; Sermon #BS-CR02; 84 minutes

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[Audio Note: Quality improves at 1:20] John Ritenbaugh warns that when an aberrant cultural change of any kind is introduced into society, it soon becomes accepted. Many parents of the 1980's considered children hindrances to their self-fulfillment, turning the responsibility for their education over to government or some other paid professional. As Christian parents, we cannot abdicate this responsibility, but instead must, as our offspring's primary teachers, train and educate them to become productive citizens in the Kingdom of God. The three major elements of governing (or being governed) expectation of reward, 2) fear of disadvantage, and 3) charisma—must be mixed carefully in precise proportions or disastrous "explosive" mixtures will occur.

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