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biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 9)

The Sabbath, Part 5
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 21-Jan-89; Sermon #BS-TC09; 78 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh warns that benign neglect of the Sabbath covenant can incrementally lead us into idolatry, as it apparently led Solomon into idolatry. We are admonished to respect or treat this holy time as different from the other days of the week, forsaking our mundane concerns, but allowing God to perform intense spiritual work, redeeming us from spiritual bondage, increasing our faith, and working out salvation in us. The Sabbath provides us the necessary time to systematically inculcate God's Word into our inner beings, fellowshipping with God and other called-out brethren. We need to carefully prepare for the Sabbath, making careful use of this precious preparation time for future service in His Kingdom. The Sabbath typifies the time of full redemption of Salvation and the establishment of His Kingdom on this earth- a millennial rest for this creation.

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Addiction Bacchioci, Samuel Barth, Karl Benign neglect Cigarette Coffin nails Doing good Drifting away Drug analogy Emergencies on the Sabbath Fellowshipping Frog boiling analogy Neglect Ox in a pit Ox in a well Parable of the Ten virgins Preparation day Respect for the Sabbath Sabbath to Sunday Sanctification of Time Solomon Spiritual lesson to physical commands Test, Sabbath as

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