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biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 16)

Adultery and Sexual Sins
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 10-Mar-90; Sermon #BS-TC16; 76 minutes

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Modern Israel's national sins consist of fraud, deceit and faithlessness- reflected in sexual immorality and idolatry (spiritual adultery or spiritual harlotry). Modern Israel has proved to be faithless in her covenant with Almighty God, boldly, shamelessly, and lustfully pursuing her lovers, showing fickleness toward God's standards of morality, turning instead to a syncretistic mixture of rank paganism with a thin veneer of God's truth. Israel, whose loyalty is unstable like quicksilver, has trouble being faithful to anything; this disgusting unreliable behavior—emanating from Satan's nature—seems to be in the genes. It is absolutely impossible for lust (or perverted taste based upon lust) to bring about any kind of satisfaction. Adultery cannot be entered into without irrevocably damaging relationships.

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Adultery AIDS Alcoholic Amnon and Tamar Assenters Baal worship Bath Sheba and David Blow hot and cold Breach of trust Compromise David and Bath Sheba David Hulme Drunkenness Edom's anger Faithlessness of Israel Faithlessness Fraud Gaper's block George Gallup God the Father Hangman's noose Harlotry and new wine Homelessness Horoscope Hosea hot like an oven metaphor Jacob Laban Knowing God Lust McCalls' Magazine Mercilessness of Moab Panting after dust Passion Perverted taste Professor Bibby Reliability Seven year itch Sex Sexual incompatibility Sidney Harris Spiritual adultery Spiritual harlotry Syncretism Syphilis Tryst Unfaithfulness Unreliability Way of the world Wife of whoredoms Woman's Day

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