God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Contend for the Faith

The Correct Approach to Bible Study can help Identify False Teachings
Bill Cherry
Given 07-Aug-04; Sermon #679s; 16 minutes

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Bill Cherry, commenting on Jude 3-4, admonishes us to be able to discern the difference between true and false teaching, contending for the faith once delivered. God has given us a powerful weapon- the Holy Scriptures (Hebrews 4:12) to cut through spurious arguments if we take the time and opportunity to skillfully use it. As an athlete exercises on a daily basis to keep his skills sharp, we must learn to exercise the scriptures on a daily basis- rehearsing doctrinal, historical, and inspirational aspects. We need to use the Bible daily to instruct, inspire, receive correction, and to defend against false doctrine. Like training to spot counterfeit money, we, like the Federal agents , must be thoroughly acquainted with the genuine article- God's Word.