God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: The Highway of Holiness

Remembering Where We Came From
Mark Schindler
Given 30-Sep-04; Sermon #FT04-03s; 15 minutes

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Mark Schindler, after initially focusing upon the Millennial setting in Isaiah 35- depicting a Highway of Holiness, reflects back to his early experience as a former Roman Catholic at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Chicago, at which venue he came to a startling insight that that a religious icon called a monstrance was actually derived from pagan sun worship, sending him and his family fleeing from this set of traditions into God's truth. At this point, further along the higway of holiness , reflecting on the examples of zealous martyrs from the past, from the standpoint of a member of God's Church in the middle of the Laodicean era- perhaps the most spiritually perilous time in the history of God's Church- he counsels us to remain zealous for God's truth, going before God's throne, continuously asking Him to anoint our eyes with eye salve, helping us to use this precious time zealously.