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sermonette: What Are Your Big Rocks?

Putting First Things First
Clyde Finklea
Given 22-Oct-05; Sermon #FT05-09s; 18 minutes

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Clyde Finklea, using an analogy from a time management seminar, observes that unless we put large rocks (the most important priorities) in a jar or container first, the container will inevitably fill up with trivia. Moses, in Psalm 90, urges that we learn to number our days carefully, realizing they are fleeting and ephemeral. Using the acronym T.I.M.E., we must learn to: (1) Treasure our time, measuring it as handbreadths, (2) Invest- investing our time in what is important — in prayer, study, meditation and with family (3) Manage- the challenge is not to managing our time, but managing ourselves (Ephesians 5:15-16), walking circumspectly, redeeming, buying back or making the most of the time, and (4) Enjoy what really counts — enjoying family — our spiritual and physical family. These four words in the acronym TIME should constitute the large rocks in our time jar