God's Gift to Us
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sermon: Persistence

Repeating History
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 29-Oct-94; Sermon #154; 67 minutes

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John Reid, focusing upon a diary excerpt of a pioneer woman on the Oregon Trail, asserts that the trait of persistence is impossible without a transcendent and ardent vision (Proverbs 29:18). Having vision prevents us from casting off life-saving restraint and gives us the will to keep on. The Father and Jesus Christ have provided us sterling examples of persistence, continuing to work with people when they stumble in disbelief or weakness. God's vision is to see us perfected with His righteous, holy character. Having this same vision and following our Trailblazer will enable us to exercise the same kind of perseverance, patience, and persistence, enduring ever-increasing trials such as the pioneers (as well as the spiritual pioneers, Hebrews 11:4-40) had to endure en route to the Promised Land.

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Anakim Cast off restraint Cornelius and Elizabeth Smith Donner party Educated derelicts Encouragement Endurance Enduring hardships Faith Historical attitude History Oregon Trail Persistence Pilgrim Promised Land Ray Kroc Samson Trailblazer Trials Vision Wagon captain Wagon train

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