God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Using Gray Matter to Solve Gray Matters

Developing Godly Discernment
Bill Onisick
Given 26-May-12; Sermon #1103s; 16 minutes

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Bill Onisick, acknowledging that people seem to prefer black and white choices over the less certain but more numerous gray decisions, suggests that applying the God-given gray matter to make decisions builds spiritual maturity and discernment. The Pharisees tried to make things easier for us by codifying 613 commands in the Talmud. It is God's choice that we be allowed to use these gray uncharted areas to build spiritual maturity by applying the principles in God's Word, using common sense and emergent God-given discernment, not relying on humanly-drawn lists, but rather on the principles in God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, prompting the right spiritual choices.

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Black and white choices Deuteronomy 13:11-13 Gray areas Hebrews 4:12; 5:8-14 I Kings 3 Oral law Proverbs 3 Psalm 119 Separated by veil Sheeples 613 negative commands Solomon Talmud Walking circumspectly