God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Unwrapped

Recognizing and Responding to our Spiritual Gifts
Joseph B. Baity
Given 02-Feb-13; Sermon #1141s; 17 minutes

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Joe Baity, reflecting on past messages highlighting the spiritual gifts which have been given to us, asks us whether we have meditated on these gifts, developed these gifts, and most importantly used them to serve our brethren, including cooking, repair work, gardening, and prayer. We are admonished to meditate thoughtfully on these gifts, being careful not to be distracted by Satan and the new Tower of Babel—the Internet and the multiple digital networks—offering us a panoply of endless entertainment, which can hinder us from thoughtfully slowing down and systematically meditating on one thing at a time, preparing to use the spiritual gifts God has given us.