God's Gift to Us
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sermon: Rainbow of Peace

Charles Whitaker
Given 23-Feb-13; Sermon #1144B; 38 minutes

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Some declare that they do not want anything to do with the allegedly harsh and unforgiving God of the Old Testament. Yet that God demonstrated abundant mercy and compassion. He miraculously blessed the womb of Sarah, ensuring that Abraham's offspring would spread throughout the earth. Israel's current population contraction will be overturned in the Millennium, when God's people will again embrace His life-saving laws. When we examine the historical time frame of biblical history, the time for trial and tribulation is relatively brief when compared to the overwhelming blessings promised to spiritual Israel, blessings flowing to the entirety of creation. Likewise, the scattering event will be relatively brief when compared to the happier gathering event. The scattering occurs as an automatic consequence of disobedience, triggering God's wrath. As Israel comes to itself, realizing its profound foolishness, God will gently re-gather His people from their exile, an event which will make reconciliation available to the entire world. The God of the Old Testament is not harsh, but full of infinite compassion.

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