God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Nothing

Fruit that Glorifies God
David C. Grabbe
Given 04-Jan-14; Sermon #1192s; 16 minutes

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David Grabbe, focusing on the vine-branch analogy in John 15, reminds us that we can bear no spiritual fruit if we are not connected to Jesus Christ. Because our culture has been conditioned to the glories of 'rugged individualism' we have a resistance to any kind of submission to any power greater than ourselves. Our Elder Brother demonstrates a pattern that we are obligates to follow: a perfect submissive relationship with God the Father. Like Christ, we can do nothing of ourselves, but are totally dependent upon Our Heavenly Father. As spiritual branches, we cannot grow spiritually or bear spiritual fruit unless we are firmly connected to Jesus Christ, sharing His life as a living sacrifice. We need to seriously consider the reality of Jesus Christ's life, seriously counting the cost and making the sacrificial commitment, accepting any thorn in the flesh we may have to bear. Christ will be in the trenches with us.