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biblestudy: Matthew (Part 26)

Matthew 20:19 - 21:11
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Jul-82; Sermon #BS-MA26; 84 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh focuses upon the episode in Matthew 20, in which Jesus was deep in thought, reflecting on the prophecies leading up to His crucifixion. At this point, His disciples were not converted, but displayed considerable carnality. The mother of two of the disciples asked for places of honor for her sons; none of the disciples had even an inkling of servant leadership. True greatness does not come from dominance but from serving and sacrificing with the attitude of a slave. Love is sacrificial. Willingness to sacrifice self is the secret to success in God's plan for us. If we would sacrifice instead of attempting to dominate one another, our marriages would be successes. Drinking ones cup is emblematic of enduring whatever we must go through, different for every human being. Our cup is to follow Christ in any situation, supreme sacrifice or lifelong commitment, acting how He would act. No one can really count the cost in advance. When the opportunity comes to learn spiritual truths, we must seize the opportunity as aggressively and boldly as the two blind men sought healing, rejecting any inkling of timidity. In our prayers, we must come before the throne of God boldly and then show gratitude for His response. God is not against doing something dramatic once in awhile in order to make an impact. When He made His entry into Jerusalem, it possibly attracted the attention of 2 ½ million people, most of them visitors. Evidently this event had been planned rather than done on the spur of the moment. His arrival prompted the overwhelming response "Hosanna" or "save now." The crowd was selecting the Lamb to be sacrificed. [NB: This series of Bible Studies from 1981-82 is incomplete.]

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Abijah Acts 12:2 Advance preparation Antiuchus Epiphanes Attitudes in prayer Betrayal of Jesus Boldness Carnality of the disciples Census of lambs in 60AD Cleansing the Temple Compare against a standard Constant pressure Cup as allotted portion Deacon Diakanos Disciples deserting Jesus Drink the cup Dulos Elisha Executive leadership Exodus 12:3 Festival of lights I Corinthians 3:16 I Kings 11: 29 Healing of two blind men Hannuka Healing Hosanna to the son of David Isaiah 20: James as a martyr James and John Jereboam Jeremiah 27:1-6 Josephus Judas Maccabeas Luke 1:30 Mark 15: 40 Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of Jesus Mary the mother of James and Joseph Measuring the temple Minister Ohijah Ox ready for either John 19:25 Lives of the prophets Matthew 27:56 Mother of Zebedee's children Philippians 2 Practical application of theology Psalm 55; 88; 118:25 Ransom - money to liberate from bondage Reprobate mind causes chaos in society Revelation 11:1 Salome Save now Scourging Seizing the opportunity separation of Judah and Israel Servant leadership Slave Spiritual blindness Supreme sacrifice or lifelong commitment Thematic construction of Romans Thinking big 250,000 lambs killed on Passover Worldly ambition Zebedee's children Zechariah 9:9

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