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sermon: Israel's Immigration Problem

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 25-Sep-14; Sermon #1233B; 88 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, comparing the events of the day of Noah with today's society, suggests that the explosion of knowledge taking place has an enervating and wearying effect. While the world's never-ending news is distracting us, Satan has another scheme operating, diluting Israel's integrity and power by the illegal immigration schemes devised by liberal 'progressive' and 'humanistic' mindsets. Foreigners that European countries invited in to help with the labor shortage brought in the radical Islamic culture, destabilizing the host culture. Economically, the alien has enslaved modern Israel by becoming the lender, putting an iron yoke around the necks of the people in the host nations, as described by the curses in Deuteronomy 28. The Tower of Babel provides a record of what happens when people mass together, combining their skills for an evil purpose. God set the Israelitish people in the choice parts of the world, giving them instructions to dress and keep it, giving the Gentiles other portions of the world, distributing the population in an orderly manner. Barack Obama has proved himself a Gentile leader, not qualified to serve as king over modern Israel, a leader loyal to Muslim principles, hostile to America, hostile to biblical principles and the covenant made between Israel and God. By voting in this regime, we have laid the groundwork for Israel's destruction. If things continue the way they are, Americans will be prisoners in their own homes, as Gideon was in the face of the Midianites. A precursor already took place in Paris, with the Muslims rioting in France in 2005. ISIS is on our doorstep, attempting to make America a Muslim nation under Sharia law. There is a spirit, steeped in abject hatred for the 'host' country, influencing the Jihadist mind. The Muslims know who they are; secular Americans (who have glommed onto multi-culturalism) do not have a clue.

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Acts 17:19-22 African -Americans Assimilation Baal worship Barack Obama hostile to biblical principles Belgiam Boundaries of their habitations Church as melting pot Coming of the Son of man Confusion of languages Culture Daniel 12:4 Days of Noah Days of old Descendants of Abraham Detroit Deuteronomy 7: 1 ; 15: 14 ; 10: 16-19; 28:43-48 ; 32:7-9 Domestic problem Eating and drinking Ecclesiastes 3: Ethnic Europeans Exodus 12: 48-49; 22:21 23:22-27 Evil continually Ezekiel 20:29 French riots by Muslims Genesis 6: 5-6; 11:1, 8 Germany as an Islamic country Gideon Head of the year Humanistic mindset Jacob Judges 2:8-15 Immigration problem Islam Israeli Jews John 17:20-23 Israelitish culture Israel's welfare system ISIS Joshua Knowledge increasing KFWB KNX La Rasa Leviticus 16:29; 17:8-9; 19:9-10; 24:22 Land invasion Local whore house as the local temple Los Angeles river Mass killings Matthew 24:17-29, 36 Media attention Melting pot Mexican aversion to assimilation Midianites Mixed salad Movements of population Muslims don't want to be assimilated Muslim influence News Outsiders streaming into Israel Paul Balean Rosh Hashana Slowly devastating to unity Time of the end Tower of Babel Turning upside down Vigilantism Worldwide news

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