God's Gift to Us
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feast: Created to Do God's Will and Work

Martin G. Collins
Given 14-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-10; 76 minutes

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Martin Collins, commenting on the progressive liberal media's charge that women are discriminated against, points out that the feminist-goaded media fails to take into account that more men place themselves in life-threatening, dangerous occupations which women generally eschew, often receiving less pay than women competing with men in safer occupations. Men account for 93% of the workplace deaths. The liberal, progressive media continually lies in their attempt to divide the genders, the races, and ethnic groups. Both men and women have received a judgment from God as a result of Adam and Eve's sin. For men, the ground has been cursed, and he has been forced to live by the sweat of the brow; for women, they would have anguish in childbirth. God wants to remind us of the manifestations and awful consequences of sin. God requires us to work and not deliberately seek welfare or food stamps; He also does not want us to obsess on acquiring riches. Sadly, many mainstream churches have waxed socialist in their social gospel, claiming that the early church was communistic. Our current government has catered to laziness and non-productivity by bailing out companies which underpay their employees for turning out inferior products. Mentally weak and docile men with "lace-hanky fairness" support the welfare system. Real men (and women) work hard to be charitable and generous. Our forefather Jacob worked for a scheming uncle, who changed his wages ten times, serving him as he would God. Likewise we, as God's called ones, must serve our employer as we would Jesus Christ, with a self-sacrificing attitude, desiring to benefit others. The Millennium, which this Feast symbolizes, will be a beehive of activity, with the wealth that the Gentiles will accrue as tribute, benefitting all of mankind. We must now trust God to supply our needs as we work for our employer with the lo

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Adam and Eve's sin Amos 9: 11-13 Avodah Beehive effect Be strong Busybody Dean Blackwell Discrimination Ezekiel 28:25 I Chronicles 22:13-23 Genesis 3:17 ; 18:3; 19:7 30:20-27 Golda Meir Government bailouts Haggai Isaiah 57:14, 62 62:4-9 Joshua 1:5-6 Laban Luke 12: 22-31 Makom Margaret Thatcher Matthew 6:25 Men 93% of workplace deaths "Men paid more than women" myth Millennium Progressive media Proverbs 31:10-31 Proverbs 31 woman Quenne Esther Rabbi Daniel Lapin - Thought Tools II Thessalonians 10 Sin not only mental but external Speckled flocks Socialism Virtuous wife Work Working

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