God's Gift to Us
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feast: Before the World Began

Mark Schindler
Given 15-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-11; 43 minutes

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Mark Schindler, reflecting on a funeral sermon he delivered suggested that the deceased person had displayed spiritual gifts (i.e., designated as Cook County Foster Mother of the Year) long before she had been called into God's church. God evidently has had each of us in His radar scope long before the foundation of the world, realizing how we would emerge and develop spiritually, reaching our ultimate destination as a spirit being in His family. If God has called every star by name, knows when every sparrow falls, and has numbered all of our hairs, He surely has given some thought as to how each of us fit into the body of Christ, and which gifts He gives us to edify the body and fulfill His purpose. God's unsearchable mind and unfathomable power has included us in His marvelous plan, taking pleasure in those who honor Him. Our destination has been meticulously prepared for; sometimes we are just too nearsighted to see it or even imagine it in our mind's eye. It is imperative that we stir up the gift of God's Holy Spirit, catching the vision of our marvelous destination, putting to use those spiritual gifts He has given us in His service, enlarging the worth of the Royal Fortune.

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Before the foundation of the world Blanket for honor Differing gifts Ecclesiasates 3:11 Ephesians 1: 4 I Corinthians 4:7 12: 1, 12, 18, 27 Genesis 15:1-7 Lila Valdivia Joanne Bowling John 7:37; 14; 15 Living sacrifice Luke 12: 1-7; 19:12 Matthew 25 Not predestination , but destination Numbering the stars 1961Cook County Foster Mother of the Year Parable of the minas Philippians 2 Psalm 147 Putting eternity in our hearts Reasonable service to the world Revelation 21:1-7 Romans 12:1-6 Royal fortune II Timothy 1:5-10 Special focus Talents

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