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commentary: The Secular Day of Rest Law

Sunday Rest Law
Martin G. Collins
Given 15-Nov-14; Sermon #1240c; 14 minutes

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Martin Collins alerts us to a plethora of political moves during 2014 initiated by European socialist labor unions and backed by interfaith churches, designed to enforce Sunday as the common universal week day of rest. This initiative could well lead to persecution of those who desire to keep God's seventh day Sabbath. Political parties, socialist trade unions, academicians, environmentalists, and activists for 'social justice' seem to be ganging up ostensibly for protecting society and the environment, but with the real sinister intention of getting rid of God's Sabbath. God's called-out ones need to realize that everything will work out for good for those who love God.

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Blue laws Buddhism Christian Democrats Daniel 7 Hungary LDA 'Lord's day Mark 7:7-9 Persecution for keeping God's Sabbath Pope Francis Roman Catholic Church 'Social justice' Socialist labor union Sunday common weekday day of rest Sunday 'mandatory' day of rest Interfaith holy day United Nations World Sabbath wwjd