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sermonette: Is New Years Eve Pagan?

Mike Ford
Given 05-Dec-15; Sermon #1298s; 20 minutes

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Mike Ford, observing that we are being carpet-bombed by Christmas tunes this time of the year, reflects that a scarcity of information exists in the literature of the Church of the Great God about the pagan origin of the event adjacent to Saturnalia festival—New Year's Eve. An article appeared in the 1964 Plain Truth magazine, penned by William H. Ellis, titled The Plain Truth About NEW YEAR'S EVE!, drawing on the primary source 4,000 Years of Christmas, authored by Episcopal priest Earl Count who, although recognizing the pagan origins of the mid-winter fire festivals, embraces these syncretized customs as "Christian" customs, morphed from pagan to Christian under the watchful care of the Church Fathers. Pope Gregory, a rabid anti-Semite, proclaimed January 1, 1578 as the day Judaism allegedly ended and Christianity begun, allowing taxation and confiscating of Jewish property and eventually death to Jews who refused to convert to Catholicism. Pope Sylvester, whose sainthood day is commemorated on December 31, urged that the New Year be brought in by killing Jews. New Year's celebrations often involve drunkenness, debauchery, and adultery. From these customs and traditions of the world, rooted in the Babylonian system, we have been commanded to extricate ourselves.

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Abib 1 Anti-Semitism Babylon Babylonian system Burning Yule Logs Christmas tunes Christmas tunes Constantine December 25 Earl Count I John 2:16 God's calendar Hebrews 13:8 Jeremiah 10:2 Leviticus 18:3 Mark 7:7 Mesopotamia Mummers Pagan origin of New Year's Eve Pigs as a lucky symbol Pope Gregory Revelation 18: 1 Romans 12:2 The Plain Truth About NEW YEAR'S EVE! 12 Days of Christmas Saturnalia St. Sylvester's Day Watch night services