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sermonette: The Overcoming Skill

Developing Our Wall of Self-Control
Bill Onisick
Given 20-Feb-16; Sermon #1309s; 20 minutes

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The principal cause of goal failure is a lack of self-control, the ninth fruit of God's Holy Spirit. Developing self-control or self-discipline resembles developing a new habit or exercising a muscle, a process that takes time and consistency. Bad and good habits are cumulative, and the consequences emerge as life-enhancing or life-threatening. As we make our continuous choices in behavior, we need to make cognitive reappraisal, determining what the accumulative effect of all the incremental steps will lead to, with suffering and death as the final destination. With the help of God's Holy Spirit, we can develop the overcoming skill, using self-control to make firm commitments to the small, yet progressively significant choices along our spiritual journey, bringing every thought into captivity, making righteousness and morality continuous and habitual instead of occasional.

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Achieving goals Building a wall of self-control Conflicting desires Control of emotions Controlled by the spirit Daily meditation Failure to control ourselves Frontal Lobe Galatians 5:22-23 Goal failure Lifetime habits Marshmallow test Mountain Dew No hiding from Overcoming skills Proverbs 7 ; 22:25 II Corinthians II Peter 1:6 Self-control like a muscle Self control Self restraint Titus 2 :12 Toxins Walter Mischel Marshmallow experiment - YouTube