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sermon: The Goodness and Severity of God

Charles Whitaker
Given 05-Mar-16; Sermon #1311A; 32 minutes

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Charles Whitaker observes that modern Israel, instead of expressing righteous indignation at the breaking of God's Covenant expresses a juvenile anger about the consequences of what their sins brought about. Sighing and crying involves far more than wallowing in worldly sorrow. As God's called-out ones, we must realize that on the heels of destruction will come the forces of reconciliation. The forces of destruction and construction will be virtually simultaneous. The knowledge of the Lord will cover the world as the waters of the seas, bringing physical as well as spiritual refreshment to the parched desert, restoring strength to those returning to the Promised Land. In the Day of the Lord, the haughty pride of man (symbolized by his lofty towers, high hills, or mountains) will be promptly leveled or destroyed. After this massive destruction, streams of crystal, restorative water will quickly heal all the broken lives resulting from man's misrule and his false religions. The curative act of restoration will follow quickly on the act of destruction during the Day of the Lord, unlike the unrelieved distress of the Great Tribulation. God's rod of correction is foundational, instrumental in building character, as every parent knows. The blow that God delivers to the Babylonian system will be foundational, laying the groundwork for a better civilization. The old has to go before the new can come. The destruction of the failed evil system ought to come with rejoicing. God's nature has a balance of goodness and severity.

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Amos 5:1, 2, 18-20; 9:14-15 Blend of anger and kindness in God's nature Brief nature of God's wrath Brooks of running water and fall of towers Daniel 2 Day of the Lord Destruction and restoration Deuteronomy 32:43 Dirge Ephesians 3:14-21 Ezekiel 41:8 False sense of wellbeing I Kings 14:23 Funeral song God is a consuming fire God is not bi-polar God's staff of discipline God's wrath, while burning intensely, does not burn long Hebrews 12:25-29 Hide for a little while until the wrath has passed High Towers as IMF or world bank or United Nations Hyperbolic language In the day Isaiah 2:12; 10:25; 26:20; 28:16; 30; 41:18, 20; 54:7 Israel shall rebuild and plant vineyards Jeremiah 51:48 Job 42:12 Juxtaposition of destruction and restoration during the Day of the Lord Foundation of Millennial temple Knowledge of prompt renewal Lamentations Music in the midst of destruction Post -millennialists Psalm 74:12 Pruning shears Rejoicing with destruction Restoration of Israel Revelation 11:18-20; 12:12 Rod of correction to build Romans 11:21-22 Satan's attitude during the great tribulation II Chronicles 8 Sighing and crying Simultaneous Solomon's Temple Song of Moses Springs bubbling up in the desert Stone in Zion Travelers returning to the Promised Land

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