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sermon: Proofs of Christ's Resurrection

Scriptural, Historical, Logical Evidence
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 19-Mar-16; Sermon #1313; 78 minutes

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There is far more corroboration of evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ and his life experiences than that regarding Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar. Smug, self-important 'scholars' craft contorted, mind-bending, absurd theories of supposedly more believable explanations for the "impossible" resurrection of Christ. Tacitus and the Talmud, both highly respected non-Biblical sources, corroborate the veracity of the events of the Crucifixion. Nevertheless, crackpot theories abound, attempting to explain away this event, including: (1) the women, confused about direction, went to the wrong tomb, (2) the disciples stole the body and then claimed He was resurrected, (3) the disciples colluded on a bogus deception, (4) someone else died on the cross in His place, and (5) the whole event of the crucifixion, as well as the multiple occasions in which He talked to people, was a powerful mass hallucination, (6) Jesus was not really dead but preserved Himself with a drug-induced coma, allowing Him to later escape from the tomb. Pilate, the Centurion, and Joseph of Arimathea all corroborated the stark reality of Christ's death. The precautions Pilate took to seal the tomb refutes any notion of the disciples stealing the body. The vast number of eye witnesses precludes any notion of a hoax or collusion on the part of fanatic followers. The once timid followers of Christ were emboldened by His resurrection, and were now willing to put their lives on the line. Twenty-seven separate documents—the books of the New Testament—provide evidence of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, providing far more evidence than the minimum required in a court of law. All of this testimony gives us confidence and hope of a resurrection for us as well.

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Acts 1:1-11; 2:22; 10:38-41 ; 13 Bogus theories 'disproving' Candid embarrassing events Christ's resurrection Christ is the goal of the Law Christ in His glorified state Clay seal Common sense delude 'scholars' Cover-ups about guard's 'negligent' Doppelganger Earthquake Eye witnesses 40 days of continual eye witnesses I Corinthians 15:3 Historicity of Christ's resurrection John 20:2,24-29; 24:1-3 Luke 24: 1-3, 22, 36 Mark 15:42; 16:14-16 Matthew 28:1-10 Revelation 1:12-13 2:8 Romans 10:4 Thomas inspection of Christ's wounds Willing disbelief of 'scholars' Willing doppelganger Women losing sense of direction Wrong tomb theory

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