God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Who Are the Firstfruits?

The Purpose From the Beginning
David C. Grabbe
Given 12-Jun-16; Sermon #1327Bs; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe, cuing in on Genesis 1:1 and the Hebrew word translated "in the beginning," informs us that this is also the word for "firstfruits." God takes greater delight in a first fruit than those coming in a later harvest. Wisdom is a first-fruit, and has, itself, first-fruits, including the fear of Lord. The first-fruits were set aside for the priests who served the temple. The firstborn of a man's family is designated as first-fruits, receiving double honor. The physical nation of Israel was God's first fruits, planted to bear fruit, but sadly, like the cursed fig tree, it failed to produce much more than weeds. As Christ's called-out ones, we are the current crop of First Fruits, given a new spiritual birth. God has ordained that we bear spiritual fruit, in a totally different dimension from the first fruits of physical Israel.

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Amos 6:1 , 11-29 Aparche Baal-Peor Born from above Born of spirit Deuteronomy Fig tree cursed for no fruit I Corinthians 15 First fruit of the harvest Genesis 1:1 God expects fruit Hosea 9:10 James 1:18 Jeremiah 2:1 New birth Numbers 18:12-13 Olive tree - symbol of Israel Romans 11: 16 ; 11:29 Proverbs 8 Wave sheaf first fruits