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sermon: Habakkuk: A Prophet of Faith (Part Three)

Five Woes
Martin G. Collins
Given 17-Sep-16; Sermon #1341; 75 minutes

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Martin Collins, reviewing the episode of Habakkuk's frustration that God would use an evil people to punish Israel, points us to the prophet's resolve to cease being a fretful worrier and to become a responsible watcher, determined to understand the purpose of God's dealing with His people. Only a faithful believer will ever stand acquitted before God's fearful judgment. While the taunt-song, dealing with the five woes, certainly applies to Babylon, it applies doubly to God's people Israel, who should have known better, but chose to become ignorant. The first two woes in Habakkuk 2:6-8 concerns the woe against greed, avarice, covetousness (a virulent form of idolatry), and selfish ambition, leading to the crime of usury, charging excessive interest on loans, making the debtor a virtual slave, totally against God's instructions in Deuteronomy 24:10-13. The earth metaphorically cries out against the oppressor who garners wealth by stealing from others and amassing fortunes by exploiting the poor. The third woe focuses on a nation's tyrannical oppression of captive peoples, building a city with bloodshed and establishing a town by violence, denuding forests, wantonly slaughtering animals in order to subjugate other defenseless peoples. The fourth woe results from a people corrupting others with drunkenness and lust, having both literal and metaphorical implications; today the intoxicating Babylonian system embraced by Jacob's descendants has caused our nation to resemble, both figuratively and literally, a drunk vomiting over itself, exposing its sins and folly to the entire world, after adamantly refusing to be governed by God's laws. The fifth woe leveled against the Chaldeans, and by extension to the modern descendants of Jacob, results from idolatry, the sin of worshiping the creation rather than the Creator, applying to literal idols of stone and wood as well as to

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Acquisition by extortion Astrology as an idol Celebrities as idols Coveting is idolatry Creditors Denuding forests Detroit, Michigan resembling a bombed out third world venue Deuteronomy 20:19; 24:10-13 Eagle cracking an oyster Eagle imagery Ecclesiastes 7:28 Ephesians4:28 Exodus 20:6 Five woes Genesis 4:10-11 Habakkuk 2 : 5-20 Humanism as an idol Idolatry Isaiah 44:9-10 James 1:14-16 Jeremiah 2: 26-28; 49:15 Job 39:27-30 Jonah 4 Killing animals Mark 8:48 Matthew 6:33 Medes and Persians Personal debt and bankruptcy Pride Psalm 46:10; 115: 2-8 Revelation 11:15; 16: 9-18 Romans 1:23; 13:11 Sacred pole or tree Satan's desire to drop and crack us like eagle cracking an oyster II Corinthians 5:10 Self-exaltation Spiritism Tota Totem (our Father) Usury Violence and implication Wealth cannot protect anyone Worldly creditor worshiping the creature rather than the Creator

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