God's Gift to Us
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feast: The Ministry

Trusting Our Ministers
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 16-Oct-97; Sermon #FT97-04; 46 minutes

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Complaints are sometimes made against the ministry, including the allegation that the ministry keeps secrets, has been developing an elite untouchable cadre of aloof pastors, and has been embezzling money. The problem facing the ministry at this time is that the church has lost faith in God to work through His ministry. We need to develop a balanced insight into the function of the helpers of our joy. Our relationship with the ministry can be improved if we: (1) Call the minister when there is a question about strange rumors (2) Keep the rumblings to ourselves. (3) Ask God to protect us from the Evil One. (4) Be careful who we listen to. We need to emulate the watchful, patient, and self-controlled examples of the Bereans.

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