God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Bezaleel of the House of Judah

Ted E. Bowling
Given 16-Feb-19; Sermon #1474s; 15 minutes

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Ted Bowling explores the how's and why's of Bezaleel's special calling as chief-craftsman of the Tabernacle. After 400 years of affliction, God called Israel into a special covenant, giving Moses the details blueprints of the tabernacle . God's expectation was that the tabernacle be perfect. Bezaleel had honed his skills in the furnace of Egyptian slavery. God apparently augmented his natural abilities—not only in the areas of metallurgy, stone- and gem-cutting, the formulation of oils and tapestry, but also in the "soft skills" of management, patience, and longsuffering, all needed to make the work go smoothly. As a descendant of Hur (who famously held up Aaron's arms), the 7th generation of the tribe of Judah, Bezaleel set the precedent for two later temple builders, Solomon, the 12th generation from Judah, who constructed a more permanent brick-and-mortar temple, and Jesus Christ, the Builder of the spiritual temple. This Builder chose us as His called ones to be a part of a living temple as honed and chiseled living stones, each having unique skills to edify the entire Body of Christ.