God's Gift to Us
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sermon: Hebrews (Part Two): Who Was Jesus?

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 23-Feb-19; Sermon #1475; 70 minutes

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The Book of Leviticus serves as a preface to the Book of Hebrews. Leviticus provides details regarding the duties of offeror and priest in the Old Covenant sacrifices. If we take the time to understand the function of the Old Covenant as explained in Leviticus, we will better understand the New Covenant and not fall prey to worldly Christianity's contradiction of accepting the Savior but rejecting His Law. God has delegated the administration of the New Covenant to Jesus Christ, at the same time insisting on compliance in both letter and spirit. Even aided with God's Spirit, God's called-out ones find the New Covenant exponentially more challenging. For this reason, Jesus Christ lived a life modeling godly character to which we must all aspire; He also provided a sacrifice redeeming us from our sins. God the Father alone calls each family member for a specific function. Because God desires family love flowing from each member, He has separated Jesus as the Son of God, exulting Him above the created angelic beings, also called sons of God. Jesus is not a created being; His relationship with His Father is un-generated and eternal. As the only begotten Son, He and the Father share the same character, making Them one, a state to which all called-out humans aspire, having acquired God's nature.

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