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sermon: Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Five)

Church History
Martin G. Collins
Given 09-Mar-19; Sermon #1477; 72 minutes

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Martin Collins challenges us to avoid forgetting the connection between past and present, especially as our forebears had to battle outer and inner enemies of God's truth. After the execution of Mary Queen of Scots and the destruction of the Spanish Armada, the climate proved favorable for the revival of Sabbath-keeping congregations in England. Thankfully, brave remnants continued to keep the Commandments of God despite the compromises of their leaders and brethren. As God worked through Abraham's family, He continues to work through families, such as those of Thomas Bampfield and Stephen Mumford, who preserved loyalty to the Sabbath and the identifier "Church of God," despite accepting the protective covering of the larger Anabaptist and Adventist Movements, already compromised with trinitarian Protestantism. The malady of the Sardis Congregation was capitulating to false doctrine via tolerance for sin. Since the days Stephen Mumford establish an American beachhead of the Sabbatarians at Newport, Rhode Island, Sabbath Keepers have merged, compromised, and mixed with groups having strains of Calvinism, Adventism and doctrines of demons. A few have been able to swim against the current, holding fast to the truth. It behooves God's called-out ones to "hold fast" to God's truth, resisting pressures of family and society to syncretize.

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