God's Gift to Us
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feast: The Ultimate Gift

Mark Schindler
Given 04-Oct-20; Sermon #FT20-02; 69 minutes

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In this heart-to-heart sermon, Mark Schindler observes that the world at large has no clue to what God is doing—creating all people in His image. The Feast of Tabernacles provides an opportunity for God's called-out ones to learn to appreciate what He is doing in their lives and to examine the experiences He creates to shape their character. Many of God's people, especially in the early days of their calling, failed to use tact when interfacing with the uncalled, thereby creating friction. Unwittingly, as they assumed the role of ambassadors of Christ, they manifested pharisaical (self-righteous or judgmental) attitudes to those in the world, God's people have many reasons to be grateful to their physical family and the life lessons they have taught us. Paul reveals God's plan to save all Israel (Romans 11:25-36); the ultimate gift to His saints is the ability to help in the reconciliation process. God desires His called-out ones to learn to have mercy on all and to learn to deal with the world as He does. They need to be grateful that God is putting them through experiences which teach them how to deal mercifully with those who are yet uncalled. God's children need to persevere through trials, serving as the salt of the earth and light of the world, always thankful for all God's gifts.

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