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biblestudy: Lamentations (Part 3; 1989)

Lamentations 1:7-22
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-May-89; Sermon #BS-LA03; 57 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, on the opening chapter of Lamentations, Jerusalem, personified as a widow who has had to endure watching the destruction of her family, must also endure the mocking, derisive scorn from the captors. Although the United States, like Jerusalem of old (indicted for committing spiritual harlotry), has piously presented itself as the guardian of righteousness, it has, through its perverted media, exported more sin around the world than any other culture. Its humiliation and sudden fall will ultimately be apparent to even the basest pagan and most degenerate heathen. Trusting in adulterous political alliances or technology instead of God will bring devastating humiliation.

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Bastion of truth Blood to brain Clinically dead Collage of feelings Covenant Disease epidemics Economic siege Electrical system malfunctioning Famine Habakkuk How Idolatry Jeremiah Laughter Menstrual cycle imagery National lament Out- of- body experiences Pride of power Resurrection from death Scorn Self centeredness Spiritual harlotry Uncovered nakedness Weakening of will

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