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biblestudy: Amos (Part 7)

Amos 4
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 19-Apr-88; Sermon #BS-AM07; 89 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, expanding on God's swearing by His Holiness, adds that when God looks upon people who call themselves by His name, He expects to see certain family characteristics- exemplified by holiness, purity, and morality. Amos indicated that God could not identify these characteristics in people appropriating His name. God's called out ones are obligated to avoid defilement from any source whatsoever, taking special care not to mix God's truth with worldly tradition and rank paganism, forming a syncretistic religion. Amos, using the unflattering image of cows of Bashan, censures the women of Israel (normally the safeguard for the family morality) for abandoning morality, living exclusively for pleasure, materialism, and self-centeredness (often at the expense of the poor and needy), while practicing devoutly a form of syncretistic religion. God, through His prophets, warns that God (with a motive of love) will chasten His people with increasing severity until they repent and begin to reflect His characteristics.

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Anthropomorphism in Greek mythology Appeal to repent Assyria Bodily pleasure Calamity Children of demons Cows of Bashan Defilement Divine rider Family characteristics Famine Fatted calf God's faithfulness to the covenant God's involvement God's mercy Greed Holiness Hostile takeovers Idolatry Invitation to repent Israel's identity Nebuchadnezzar Pleasure Rod of God's anger Sacrifice to demons Sannacherib Sons of Belial Spiritual harlotry Syncretistic religion Trend setters Wall Street

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