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biblestudy: Amos (Part 13)

Amos 8
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 28-Jun-88; Sermon #BS-AM13; 85 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh observes that the people to whom Amos addresses have the mistaken assumption that because they have made the covenant with God that they complacently bask in a kind of divine favoritism—God's country, God's people, God's church. God's holy and spiritual law, describing and defining His standard of holiness, His character, nature, or essence, serves as the template into which our character needs to be formed or molded. The combination of the redeeming and the law-giving aspects of God's nature determines the plumb line against which all of us are judged. Jacob's descendents, embracing false religion (after the idolatrous, syncretistic manner of Jeroboam I) have severely placed a strain upon God's patience. As members of the Israel of God, we must assiduously measure up to God's plumb line, insisting upon positive moral purity in all our thoughts and behaviors, avoiding sin by doing good—a course that will put us totally out of sync with the rest of society—a society ripe in sin and immorality, begging for harsh correction.

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Amaziah Avoiding sin Axe is going to fall Basket of ripe fruit Basket of summer fruit Blood is thicker than water Chosen people Denunciation of Amaziah Everybody's doing it False religion Family ties Feast of Tabernacles God's law God's patience Good works Grace Holiness Idolatry Jeroboam I Jeroboam II Land vomiting up its inhabitants Lord God Old time religion Pharisees Plumb line Pollution Probation Prosperity Pride of Jacob Pun on pass by Pun on pass over Pun on ripe Redeemer Removing boundaries Repentance Righteousness of Pharisees Ripe fruit Rotten fruit Sovereign Eternal Special people Swearing by holiness Swearing by pride of Jacob Time for plucking Israel Unmerited pardon

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