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biblestudy: Acts (Part 16)

Acts 15:19-29 Sensitivity to Conscience and Scruples
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 10-Jan-89; Sermon #BS-AC16; 80 minutes

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Through Acts 1-15, God (primarily through the work of Peter, Paul and James) has removed His work out of the Judaistic mold, creating the Israel of God (the church) designed to spread to the Gentiles. Though certain ceremonial and civil aspects of the law were (for a time) suspended, the Law of God was never suspended, especially as it relates to defilement of conscience or disregarding of scruples that could cause permanent spiritual damage or unwittingly place one in communion with demons. We must always conduct ourselves with the long —term spiritual interests of others paramount on our minds, being sensitive to conscience and scruples of others as we exercise our 'rights.'

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Alcohol Black Rhinos Ceremonial Law Christmas Circumcision Civil Law Communion with demons Consecration Conscience Cup of blessing Hangover from pagan past Hunting and killing animals Idols Idol worship Knowledge Law of Moses Leviticus Meat offered to idols Offending people Paganism Predators Sacrifice Scruples Sensitivity to conscience Sexual immorality Spiritual Law Trophy Work of the church

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