God's Gift to Us
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sermon: Leadership and Covenants (Part Nineteen)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 04-Feb-17; Sermon #1362; 62 minutes

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The seven "I will" promises given to our forefather Abraham were truly foundational promises, impacting the lives of multiple billions of people up to the present day. Abraham calculated, adding things up in order to esteem those things which he learned to be truly important. To Abraham, God's words were a beacon, directing him how to live his life. Abraham believed in the counsel God gave him, redirecting his steps to accommodate this counsel. Everything hinges on whether we, as our father Abraham, are willing to live by faith. When God read Abraham's mind, He found no skepticism, but found instead trust and faith, qualities we are to emulate. If we do not believe God, we will not submit to Him. We begin with faith, and the works follow. Faith motivates us to keep the law, steering us away from the death penalty which is the automatic curse for disobeying the Law. Before God established the Old Covenant, a sign or guidepost anticipating the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ, Abraham realized that a promised Seed-an incarnation of God—would eventually emerge as a Savior, making possible the forgiveness of sins for all of Adam's offspring who would call on Him and follow His guidance and counsel.

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