God's Gift to Us
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sermon: Hebrews (Part Three): Who Was Jesus? (cont.)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 13-Apr-19; Sermon #1482; 65 minutes

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John 1 (echoing Genesis 1) demonstrates the uniqueness of Jesus, indicating that, in both the Creation and in the Incarnation, Christ was the Light though which the Father revealed His purposes. The Apostle John identifies Christ, the Word, as co-eternal with the Father, equal in character, but subordinate in authority. Though God's Word occasionally calls angels and humans "sons of God," Christ's sonship was unique; He was the "only Begotten Son," that is, a "one of a kind" Son. Jesus, unlike all the rest of God's children, was unoriginated, uncreated, and not begotten as other humans. His magnanimous sacrifice made it possible for God to call individuals, giving them His Holy Spirit, enabling them to experience the same intimate relationship He enjoys with His Son. Because Jesus was unoriginated, both He and His father were present at Creation, with Jesus being lesser only in the sense of authority. Jesus gave up being God briefly, putting full trust in the One who could resurrect Him. In His post-resurrection role, Jesus Christ continues to uphold and manage the Creation through His Power. The Creation is the public revelation of His Godhead. Our appreciation for the uniqueness of our Savior should dominate our thoughts as He has regenerated us, enabling us to be born again, inviting us to qualify as genuine members of the God Family.

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