God's Gift to Us
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biblestudy: Abraham (Part 9)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 27-Mar-90; Sermon #BS-AB09; 77 minutes

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Abraham's example has taught us that in our attempt at living by faith, we do not have a smooth transition from begettal to maturity, but the annoying or pesky problems we deal with are gradually removed (gradually disconnected) or conquered by faith and our relationship with God. God removes us from our problems in an unraveling process, sometimes taking us backwards through the consequences of the bad habits we have accumulated, educating us to examine and analyze the process that produced the sin in the first place. Character cannot be created by fiat, but must be created in a climate of free moral agency, learning the consequences of our mistakes (as had Abraham, Sarah, and Lot) as well as the consequences of our right behavior. From Lot's example, we learn not to blend or syncretize God's ways with the world's ways.

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Bad habits Bargain with God Character Days of Unleavened Bread Disappearance of problems Egypt Friend of God Hospitality Intercession Living by faith Lot Lot?s choice Lot?s righteousness Loyalty between friends New wine in old wineskins Passing doubt Persistence Sarah Sodom and Gomorrah Unraveling process

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