God's Gift to Us
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biblestudy: Philippians (Part 5)

Philippians 2:1-14
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 29-Aug-89; Sermon #BS-PH05; 88 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh points out that Jesus Christ, through His voluntary humility (giving up all the perks of being God), has given us a model of the mindset that we need to have in order to attain membership in the family of God. Paul, desiring the Philippian congregation to attain spiritual maturity, urges that they (and we) take responsibility for the nuts and bolts process of overcoming or renouncing our carnal selves (working out our own salvation by the practical application of head knowledge) upon ourselves, cooperating with the shaping power of God (giving us the power to will and to do by means of His Spirit), who desires that we learn in the here and now the style of life (in a climate or environment of love as well as fear of soiling the family name of God) we will live for eternity.

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Divine nature Divine power Diversities of gifts Elijah Environment of love Epaphroditus Euodia Family influence Fear Fellowship Godly offspring Gossip Grace of God Growing vegetables Humility In Christ Judgment on church of God Messiah Neglect of prayer and Bible study Obey Christ as Lord Obligations Paracletos Perfect obedience Perseverance Powers of nature Renouncing what we are Rich young man Setting our wills Spiritual gifts Spokesmen Club example Syntyche Will to do Wind Work out salvation

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