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biblestudy: Philippians (Part 9)

Philippians 3:12 - 4:3
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 03-Oct-89; Sermon #BS-PH09; 81 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reiterates that while Godly righteousness is open ended, allowing room for growth, human righteousness is self-limiting because of its self-centered mindset, smugly satisfied with its accomplishments. The attainment of Godly righteousness demands humility, a readiness to admit shortcomings, a yieldedness to correction, and a willingness to be refashioned. Before one can become a good example to others (serving as an improver), he must develop the humble attitude of being willing to be shaped by God's Holy Spirit, realizing shortcomings, and continually hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Achieving perfection through human devices (trusting human sensory equipment and reason for deciding standards rather than relying upon God) will severely limit spiritual growth.

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Advertising Adolph Hitler American way Being a good example Benefactor Beyond the senses Experience Christ living in us Child rearing analogy Church as outpost of God's Kingdom Common purpose within the church Conservative Dale Carnegie Dictator How To Win Friends and Influence People Human righteousness Godly maturity God's righteousness Good example Improvers Liberal Manipulation of people Nazi Germany Pluralistic society Popularity of Psychology Practical atheism Propaganda Self-help books Setting an example Standing Trusting in medical science Vigilante justice

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