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commentary: In the Name of Islam

A Challenge to Islamists
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 13-Nov-10; Sermon #1019c; 13 minutes

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Today's news is defined by the perennial conflict between the offspring of Jacob and the offspring of Esau. Wherever Jacob's offspring reside, Esau's offspring (the Edomites) also reside. While Jacob's descendants superciliously regard the Edomites with annoyance, the Edomites have a deep-seated homicidal hatred toward the Israelitish peoples. The purpose of the website is to expose the lies of Islam to the Arab people. The brave editor concludes that the entire Koran has been plagiarized from other religions (including the Bible) and has absolutely no inspiration from God.

This morning while listening to the radio briefly just before the eight o'clock news on WBT, Evelyn and I heard an Arabic man being interviewed. I have no idea where he was, whether he was on the phone from somewhere else outside the nation, or was he in Charlotte—I do not know. But I later came to believe that he is a British citizen. He is the author of a website: His purpose in life is to expose Islamic lies to the Arabic people. It's not really aimed at non-Arabic peoples, but they can learn something from it. But he's really aiming at those people who are Arabic and are also a part of Muslimism. What he's trying to do is help them to understand the religion an awful lot better than they now do.

I found that though he is not a converted man, he was very interesting, and so much so that I brought up his website and looked into it a little bit more thoroughly for about 30 minutes. I also brought it up because I understand truth from the Bible and what it shows regarding the relationship between Jacob and Esau.

What the Bible shows is that, though they were twins, there is today a very competitive relationship between them. There is no doubt whatever that God favored Jacob. "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" (Romans 9:13). God set apart Jacob while he was still in the womb so that what Jacob had done or later did in no way influenced God's decision about how He was going to use him. We know that when Jacob was born, why, he was not a very good person and he had a very ragged character resume. But we also know this: that during his lifetime, probably when he was about 60 or 70 years old, something of that nature, he underwent a miraculous change and began to build character in the other direction. That's when God changed his name to Israel, which means basically, "an overcomer with God." Well, that never happened to Esau. Esau never changed. In Genesis 36:8-9, it says there that Esau is Edom, and Esau is the father of the Edomites.

In the mid-'80s, I read a book that was titled The Thirteenth Tribe, authored by a man by the name of Arthur Koestler. This man had done a great deal of research on the Edomites, and one of the things that he found was that wherever there are Israelites, you are also going to find Edomites. In addition to that, their antagonism toward the Israelitish people has never changed and they are antagonistic to this very day. Wherever they are amongst the Israelitish people, they are going to be irritating, troubling people and sometimes an outright source of danger. Now, why? It's because the spiritual aspect of the rivalry between these twins is constantly motivating them because of Satan's involvement. The spirit of the Israelitish people toward the Edomites is not quite the same. It doesn't have the edginess of hatred in it. It is more like an irritation to us, but it is not hatred toward them. It's more like a sense of superiority, which is not all that good either.

Well, this is relevant to these times because you're very aware of what you are hearing in the news and the trouble that these people are stirring up. Where are they stirring it up? It is mainly directed toward the Israelitish people, whether they are in France, whether they are in Germany, whether they are in the nation of of Israel where the Jews are. It does not matter. They have made it clear that they are enemies of those people. It's also important because wherever the Israelitish people are, the Muslims eventually become the second largest religion, second only to Christianity.

I looked up their web page, and I'm giving this man actually a little bit of an advertisement because I think you can learn from it. The things that are in it are very well written. He is not an alarmist in the ordinary sense. He is trying to approach these people in a knowledgeable way and to just point out the fallacies that are part of the Koran. This is the way the website begins:

To those who profess the religion of Islam, this site will seem offensive, untruthful and hate-mongering, one-sided and unfair. All I would like the reader to do is to have the intellectual inquisitiveness to persevere, to continue reading and investigating. God has given humanity the ability to think, to evaluate, to imagine, to compare and contrast and then come to conclusions based upon knowledge. This is what differentiates the faculties of human beings from other members of the animal kingdom [not converted]. Almost all human beings are indoctrinated by their parents, their society and their culture to grow up believing what they have been taught. No human being chooses his or her beliefs at birth. We all, Mohammedans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, animists, etc., are the end product of our upbringing. None of us ever chose the ideas, beliefs, doctrines and traditions that we hold since we never had any choice in the matter. None of us are "guilty" of who and what we end up as. Whether Muslims, Jews, Christians or otherwise, we are all victims of years of relentless and unremitting programming.

I'm going to stop there just to make a little inset here. I do not know how much he knows about Satan, but that's exactly what Satan is doing. It's unrelenting, and it's coming at us from many, many directions. But as he points out, most of it comes right in through the home.

Belief is not rational. It does not lend itself to tolerate questioning, investigation, modification or contradiction. It is an all or nothing state of mind. It is totally fixed on time and space and even upon maturity. With all the a colossal amount of information that is available to the individual from books, Internet, TV, radio and other means of information technology, the individual still finds it almost impossible to question one's core beliefs, even if the individual is not religious. This is because our programming has been so intense that we eat cannot easily look objectively upon our beliefs from the outside in.

Do you begin to see why our conversion is miraculous? This man with a carnal mind can understand that.

The human mind, even among the most cultured and intelligent individuals, is infinitely complex and is able of having other multiple and contradictory personalities within the same body, none of which knows that the other exists. [In other words, he's saying, we could go either way—left or right.] If, upon double-checking, investigating, comparing and contrasting the information here here in with the records and information that are available to most literate human beings, the reader finds fault, untruth, fabrication, alteration or deception anywhere, then please let him or her take up the challenge and collect the reward. [Here's the challenge that he makes. Remember, it's aimed at Arabic Muslims.] Why, the reader may ask, should I investigate this site and not hundreds of others of similar content? [Here is his answer:] Because this site makes an offer unheard off in the entire Internet of a reward worth 10,000 pounds sterling [that may not sound too much to you, but right of the top, it's over $20,000 dollars] to be paid for every verse in the Koran, no matter how many times it is repeated, that anyone on the face of the earth can prove that it represents a new, practical, spiritual and intellectual concept, precept, thought or idea, which in any way, shape or form is equal to or superior to anything that the Koran itself has plagiarized, plundered, pirated and/or perverted from the Bible, the New Testament, Zoroastrianism, and pagan Arabian religions, their traditions, their fetishes and their scriptures.

Do you know what he's saying there? He's saying the entire Koran is totally plagiarized from other religions—stolen from them—and has no inspiration whatever from God.

Can you remember what those people did up there in Denmark and in France whenever somebody ran Mohamed down? They just rioted all over the place.

This man is either insane...but he has put it right out there. He doesn't really travel freely in the sense that you and I are able to do around the United States. But he does go up and talk. That's quite a challenge to make to these people who are murderous in their intent. He feels so strongly about this, he's willing to put his life on the line with such a challenge that the Koran is totally plagiarized, and, of all things, from the Bible.


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