God's Gift to Us
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Sabbath Tour:

Does it make any difference which day we observe—or whether we even keep one at all? Does the Bible establish Sunday as the Lord's Day? Was the Sabbath given for the Jewish people only—while Christians are commanded to keep Sunday as the Lord's Day?

Without a doubt, most professing Christians accept Sunday as the New Testament Lord's Day. Muslims observe Friday. Some religions observe no day. But there are those who insist the seventh-day Sabbath is still binding. Few take the Sabbath seriously—in fact, the vast majority of Christians have never looked into this question. Most never question Sunday-observance, unwittingly following the traditions of men rather than the clear command of God!

Few people realize that the Sabbath vs. Sunday controversy raged during the first three centuries of the Christian era, and thousands were tortured and put to death over this question both before and after the Emperor Constantine supposedly "resolved" the heated debate in his Sabbatical edict in AD 321. If so many chose death over observing a day not commanded by God, could not this dispute be more significant than we may have thought?

What does the Bible really say about the Sabbath? It is generally assumed that Sunday is the correct day. Is it possible that all of these churches are wrong on this fundamental doctrine? And, after all, does it make any difference? Do we not have to adjust our religion to the changing times? Was not the law—including the Sabbath—"nailed to the cross" when Christ died? What about scriptures like Galatians 4:10 or Colossians 2:16—do they not prove that it does not matter which day we keep? Was not Christ resurrected on Sunday, thus His day is the "Lord's Day?"

Such questions must be answered!

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