God's Gift to Us

About is dedicated to supporting the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday), based on the fourth (4th) commandment. The Sabbath is a primary Christian doctrine of the church of God, affirmed by its observance by Jesus Christ, the apostles, and the New Testament.

This site is wholly owned and operated by Church of the Great God, Inc., a non-profit organization. The church, based in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, is a Sabbath-keeping, non-Trinitarian organization of individuals in the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, southern Africa, Australia, Trinidad, the Philippines, and various other locations around the world. In addition to, the church also supports the True Gospel, The Berean, Biblical Jesus, and Bible Tools, as well as publishing Forerunner magazine, various booklets on Christian subjects, and sermon CDs.

This site is made possible through the voluntary tithes, offerings, and donations of members of the Church of the Great God, coworkers and supporters. All American and Canadian donations are tax-deductible. An annual receipt will be provided as a record of contributions.

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