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sermonette: Eat in Haste?

Exodus 12:11
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 19-Apr-08; Sermon #877s; 17 minutes

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In Exodus 12:11, the expression "in haste" has been mistranslated or used incorrectly. The word chippazon or kaphaz does not mean haste, but apprehension, trepidation, or fear. The only thing standing between the ancient Israelites and death was the blood placed on the doorpost. The lamb was to be completely consumed that evening and the remains completely burned, necessitating their staying in the house, soberly reflecting on the somber events around them, until the morning of the fourteenth. This entire event lasted more than ten hours. Consequently, the proper sense of "in haste" is more correctly rendered "soberly," "with apprehension," or "with serious reflection."