God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: What's Your Attitude? (2009)

The Approach of a Hero
Kim Myers
Given 12-Sep-09; Sermon #956s; 17 minutes

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Kim Meyers, reflecting on choosing heroes, remembers an acquaintance from years ago, not sophisticated, but genuine, who bought a large car during the gas rationing crisis in 1973 in order to serve people by bringing them to church. This acquaintance also purposed to go to the Feast of Tabernacles even when his son had terminal cancer, trusting that God would keep his son alive through the Feast. This man never missed a Feast for over 50 years, never missing a service. He chose to trust God when another son was ill with a high fever. When his neighbor tried to get the authorities involved because he refused to take him to a hospital, a blizzard occurred, stranding all plans. The man's son recovered without intervention from the authorities. The man's no nonsense trust in God without grumbling regardless of the consequences provides a sterling example for the rest of us.