God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Silence in Heaven

Prelude to the Seven Trumpets
David C. Grabbe
Given 05-Sep-13; Sermon #1176sb; 16 minutes

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David Grabbe, reflecting on the silence in heaven before the seventh seal is opened, explains that it signifies a focused attention, in which the heavenly realm ceases all singing and praise ( a full suspension of all heavenly activity), awaiting an event of monumental importance, a time when the events of the seventh seal will be unleashed. Just before the bowls of wrath are unleashed, an angel brings a censor with smoke of incense, symbolizing the prayers of the saints, imploring God's intervention. If we pray according to God's will, and if we are in alignment with His purpose, desiring what He desires and hating what He hates (including the Babylonian system), there will be a pause, and Babylon will be destroyed. If we are currently in alignment with Babylon, we must take steps to be extricating ourselves from this entanglement.