God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: The Feast of Tabernacles and Unleavened Bread

David C. Grabbe
Given 14-Oct-19; Sermon #FT19-01s-PM; 19 minutes

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God established the perpetual reminder of the Sabbath rest and the annual Feast of Tabernacles in order to demonstrate our state of temporariness and our need to trust Him for a permanent and glorious future. As we progress on our spiritual trek, we are storing up wonderful memories and associations with our spiritual siblings. God organized the annual Holy Days (including Passover) in a symmetrical, chiasmatic pattern, such the first feast (the Passover) serves as a one-day precursor to a seven-day Feast (Unleavened Bread), just as the last Feast (the Eight Day) serves as a one-day finale to a seven-day Feast (Tabernacles). Further, the seven days of restricted diet (unleavened bread) in the spring mirrors the seven days of transitory dwelling in booths in the fall. Both of those commanded practices keep us off balance so that we may remain humble, seek stability, and exclusively trust in God's providence for our ultimate destiny. God has given the Israel of God an opportunity to keep these Feasts properly, permitting Almighty God to tabernacle in us.