God's Gift to Us
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feast: Don't Allow Fear to Direct Your Life

Kim Myers
Given 06-Oct-20; Sermon #FT20-04B; 63 minutes

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Because Israel's leaders have rejected God, the homeless population has increased, the balance-of-payments deficit has ballooned and the cost of repairing damage done by natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, floods, fires and tornados) has soared dramatically. Irresponsible governors blame climate change, oblivious to the fact that these curses are the result of widespread sin. The media, manifesting its agenda to frighten and discourage the populace in order to foster government control, manipulates the truth incessantly, making it difficult to discern. Fear and discouragement have infiltrated the greater church of God, causing many to stop fellowshipping on the Sabbath and some to give up keeping it altogether. Too many of His people forget that He mandates keeping the Sabbaths and Holy Days; politicians have no God-given latitude to condition their observance. The Covid epidemic is just the beginning of the distressing conditions forecast in the Olivet Prophecy. If God's people buckle now, what will happen when real hardship occurs? When Christ returns, will He find faith in His flock? Faith comes from hearing God's Word expounded on His commanded Sabbaths and Holy Days. The fear-factor will increase with the approach of the culmination of mankind's failed leadership. God's called-out ones cannot allow Satan to divide them from one another but must keep their fear-factor in check by living by every word of God.

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