God's Gift to Us
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sermonette: Where the Eagles Are Gathered

A Shameful Judgement on the Rebellious
David C. Grabbe
Given 25-Sep-14; Sermon #1233bs; 17 minutes

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Matthew 24 and Luke 17 foretell a gathering of eagles or vultures in anticipation of God's impending judgment. These events refer to the judgment against sin, providing a banquet for the vultures feasting upon those who have rebelled against God. Our biggest concern should not be the Great Tribulation or the Beast, but instead it is being unprepared for Christ's return, and hence becoming food for the physical vultures or the symbolic demonic carrion spirits. We dare not push off the time we seek God; we must not be like the foolish virgins who thought they had more time to get ready. Judgment is coming on the world, but it is coming on the church of God right now; let us be sure the vultures do not mistake us for the nearly dead.