God's Gift to Us
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sermon: How to Have a Great Feast

Principles to Live By
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 12-Oct-19; Sermon #1512; 67 minutes

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The Feasts of God are not vacations or conventions, but are convocations called by Almighty God, when He assembles His family before Him for the purpose of enabling us to learn to fear and honor Him, as well as to joyously eat and drink in His presence. We will have the best Feast ever if we (1) prioritize services, in order to worship God while exercising hospitality, generosity, and assistance wherever needed, (2) faithfully save second tithe, (3) remain temperate, exercising the spirit of self-control amidst the environment of plenty, (4) take care of our health, and (5) maintain our spiritual regimen of prayer, Bible study, and meditation. We must remember that the Feast is a convocation called by Almighty God.

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