God's Gift to Us
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feast: Antidote For Disunity!

Martin G. Collins
Given 16-Oct-19; Sermon #FT19-03; 70 minutes

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Connectedness is as needful to our spiritual well-being as oxygen is to our physical well-being. Our original parents lost a most valuable connection when they made the decision to eat of the forbidden fruit, resulting in their alienation from God. Cherubim with fiery swords protected the Tree of Life from marauders. God provided a blueprint for returning to the peace and harmony of Eden by means of the Ark of the Covenant, containing God's Torah, also symbolically guarded by Cherubim with outstretched wings. God's called-out ones will become united as we draw closer to Him, receiving the fruits of His Holy Spirit. If we regard a brother in Christ as a competitor rather than as a trusted ally, unity will be impossible. With the acquisition of Christ's mind by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we experience 1.) encouragement, 2.) comfort, 3.) fellowship of the Spirit, and 4.) the mercy and compassion of Christ. Without this Spirit in us, we are sabotaged by our carnal nature. Our connectedness must begin with a mature relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ, one which then extends to others. In our present state of being sanctified, we often present a challenge for others to love. But, with the attitude of humility activated by God's Spirit, we learn to emulate Our Savior, giving ourselves in a lifetime of service, receiving an ever-increasing level of connectiveness.

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